Calypso Muse video by Playboy Plus

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Playboy Plus presents Baring it All: For her fifth pictorial, the gorgeous International model, Calypso Muse will take your breath away on set with the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. Taking sensual to new heights, she’s everyone’s fantasy as she’s dressed in revealing black lace lingerie with perfectly tousled hair and a sultry gaze. Rolling around on the hardwood floor, Calypso kicks her head back in desire and runs her hands down her stunning, perfectly curvaceous figure. “I was born in Colombia,” she tells us. “I have lived in France and Italy, and now I’m based in Greece. I like to swim in the sea, trek and horseback ride,” she says. When it comes to romance, Calypso doesn’t need much to have a good time, as long as the company is great. “What do I consider the perfect first date? I think it’s cliche,” she laughs, “but I like good wine, good food, and nice conversation.” When it comes to who she’s going on the date with, she always has an open mind as long as they are kind and assertive. “The most important quality is self-confidence,” she says. “Just be yourself!” Being 100% her, we can’t help but be head over heels for the seductive and sweet, Calypso Muse.