Elena Generi video by Playboy Plus

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Playboy Plus presents Sun Soaked: spend the day in the sun with your playful and absolutely beautiful, Playboy Muse of the Month, Elena Generi. On location in beautiful Mexico with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes, Elena is having a blast cooling off with a garden hose and a giant pink flamingo. Eager to get the party started, Elena gets wet from head to toe — and trust us when we say, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her. “When I’m not creating with ceramics or mixed media art, I’m gardening or appreciating the Earth in other ways,” she says thoughtfully. “The perfect first date would be something simple,” begins Elena, “Like going on a hike in nature — maybe we would press flowers or listen to music and have a picnic by a waterfall!” Totally in her element, Elena first encountered Playboy in college at her friend’s house. “He let me keep the magazine because he saw that it brought me joy and a feeling of empowerment,” she says smiling. “I’d thumb through the pages occasionally, but then my other friends enjoyed it so much that I passed it on to them,” she says. “I had received the message that I needed from it and was ready to go forth on my own modeling journey, so when I was given [this] opportunity, I did not hesitate to say, ‘yes, please!’” If you’re loving everything there is to know about the gorgeous, Elena Generi.