Erica De Leija video by Playboy Plus

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Playboy Plus presents Perfect Daydream: after this gorgeous pictorial from your Playboy Muse, Erika De Leija, you may just think you dreamed her to life. Dressed in sky blue lingerie and white lace, Erika is nothing but irresistible on set with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Absolutely glowing, Erika rises from her afternoon nap looking effortlessly beautiful. “I’m starting to love and appreciate the entire shape of my body, and the shapes my body creates,” says the lovely Erika, as she runs her hands down her long legs. “I used to hate the way I looked, but I have a better mindset now.” Radiating positivity and love for others, Erika tells us about what she looks for in a significant other. “The most important quality is someone who is kind and polite to others,” she says. “How they treat people can be a reflection of how they really are!” When it comes to intimacy, Erika isn’t shy to tell us what’s on her mind. “I think the physical scent someone has is my biggest turn-on,” she says with a little laugh. “My best piece of sex advice is that you’ll get so much more out of it if your partner is just as pleased as you are,” she says thoughtfully. “Knowing what they like and dislike help, so ask questions!” Do you agree with the beautiful, Erika?