Chloe Rose video by Playboy Plus

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Playboy Plus presents Breezy Paradise: the beautiful International model, Chloe Rose, will mesmerize you in this sexy beachside pictorial with the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. A true natural beauty, Chloe is effortlessly lovely dressed in a bright green bikini. Happy to be right where she is, Chloe has been looking forward to shooting again for Playboy Plus. “It comes to me naturally,” she gushes. “I love my job and that I can express emotion and embrace my femininity through my body— it’s liberating!” In just moments the gorgeous model of South African and Asian descent is fully nude, running her hands down her fit, hourglass figure. When she’s not modeling, Chloe loves to be outside, just like she is here. “I love going on walks in nature, it keeps me down to earth, calm and aware,” she tells us thoughtfully. “I also like cooking and painting!” When it comes to first dates, Chloe is all about being swept off her feet. “What I consider the perfect first date is dinner by candlelight at a lovely restaurant, natural flowing conversation and a nice walk together,” she explains. “These are the things that would make a date memorable to me!” If you’re loving getting to know Chloe Rose, make sure to check out any of her other stunning pictorials.