Zhenya Belaya video by Playboy Plus

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Playboy Plus presents Full Swing: it’s a wonderful day to relax outside with beautiful Newcomer, Zhenya Belaya. Sitting atop an outdoor swing looking just lovely, Zhenya is totally comfortable and cozy on set in Kraków, Poland with the photographer, David Merenyi. “If I had a superpower, it would be to fly around the world,” she tells us sweetly of herself, taking a break from reading her newspaper. “The most adventurous thing I want to do is visit all the countries of the world!” For right now though, Zhenya is totally content being right where she is. “I was advised [to reach out to Playboy] by Demi Fray,” she tells us of her Playboy story. In no time at all, you’ll be in awe at this lovely woman’s all natural curves and sweet gaze. “What I love most about my body is my face,” she says with a little laugh. “I feel the sexiest in short shorts or a short dress!” Are you loving this first darling pictorial from Newcomer, Zhenya?